My name is Saman and I am an Industrial Psychologist by qualification and profession. Having worked tirelessly in the space of people and process consulting for 15 years; I felt it was time to document my journey as a ‘person’ and not as a ‘professional’. I come from a farming background with both my parents being 4th generation farmers. I grew up amidst mango orchards, potato fields, pumpkin patches, mustard farms, coriander beds, chili fields, mint pots and lemon trees. Guava trees dotted our backyard and up ahead of the front yard was a vast expanse of fruit bearing trees and orchards.

Surrounded by the lush abundance of nature, I took my first steps and naturally levitated towards any and everything green and fresh. Dairy was a 100% pure and organic; all through my growing up years I never once saw milk or for that matter any dairy product being purchased from the market. So, from milk to cream, butter, ghee, cheese, yogurt- it was all pure, organic and home-made. It is no secret that I draw energy and inspiration from nature and its abundance. The sights, sounds and smells of the kitchen and garden spoke a language that I understood and therefore enjoyed. Since kitchens and gardens are a major part of my identity, I thought I’d start this blog where I can both archive and share my love for and knowledge of the two most sacred spaces of my life. I have learnt something from every kitchen and garden that I have ever step foot in and I can say it with certainty that I walked out richer in knowledge and perspective.

To be able to grow your own food and cook delicious & nutritious meals for family and friends is both a blessing and a joy. I love all things organic; be it home remedies to cure headaches or a simple harmless concoction to get rid of aphids from my precious roses. This blog is a humble attempt to take you through kitchen and garden stories that I have learnt from and would love to share with the world. Through the process I’d also love to pass down some of our heirloom recipes so that in years to come those flavors and cuisines are not lost in translation. I welcome you to join me on this journey. Thanks for stopping by!