Ranked #3 In The World’s Top 10 Gardens by National Geographic

The Legacy of Powerscourt House & Gardens

Powerscourt Gardens

Powerscourt House & Gardens in county Wicklow, Ireland stretches over 47 acres with over 300,000 visitors each year. It is managed by Head Gardener, Alex Slazenger and a team of 4 gardeners. Designed from 1731 onward, it is breathtakingly beautiful and famous for its many different styles of gardens; namely- the Italian Garden, the Walled Garden, the Rose Garden and the Japanese Garden. Other notable parts are the Pets Cemetery (a quiet resting place for the loved pets of the Wingfield and Slazenger families; believed to be the largest pets’ cemetery in any private Irish garden), the Pepperpot Tower and the enchanting statues sourced from lands far and wide. Some of the notable statues were the bronze group of children, the fighting and spitting men, Julia’s memorial and the dolphin pond.

With this blog post I hope to give you a quick glimpse of the beauty and grandiose of these well-maintained gardens. I hope you visit them at least once in your lifetime if not more.

The Italian Garden

Perfectly manicured symmetrical gardens with the lush abundance of nature. As you look at the vast expanse of the garden you soak the tranquil beauty of the sugar loaf mountains in the backdrop. It is mesmerizing and majestic. I love the terraces in the garden for their architectural splendor; designed in 1840’s by architect Daniel Robertson, it took 100 men to build it over 12 years. As you walk down you are greeted with blooming lotus flowers in the Triton Lake. The trees around the lake make this spot dreamy and peaceful.

Sugarloaf Mountains In The Background
The Fascinating Terraces Built Over 12 Years
Beautiful Urns
Meditative & Tranquil

The Walled Garden

The most fascinating part of the garden was its exterior walls lined with slender yet full trees hugging the wall tightly. Whoever said ‘trees need space to grow’ better visit this garden. It inspired me to read about planting and training trees really close to the wall (and I’m not talking about climbing rose trees). This part of the garden is perhaps the oldest part and was known as the ‘kitchen garden’ since the produce from it was used to keep the family kitchen stocked. The herbaceous borders are awe-inspiring. There is a water fountain in the center of the garden; quite exquisite and poetic all at once. Up ahead I walked through the most beautiful display and scent of roses and pelargoniums in the rose garden.

Loved How The Trees Were Hugging The Wall
The Statue In The Water Fountain

The Japanese Garden

This garden was my favourite. It was created on the reclaimed bogland south of Triton Lake over a 100 years ago. It looks stunning in Spring and then the Japanese Maples come to life and start glowing in autumn. I absolutely loved the stone lanterns; there was something endearing about them. I find the very philosophy of Japanese Gardens to be awe-inspiring. The winding paths bring you to the inner circle which is symbolic of discovering our inner selves while working outwards and upwards we gain a greater perspective of the world around us. Fascinating! The Pagoda transported me to Kyoto and reminded me of the vivid imagery I experienced while reading ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ by Arthur Golden. The Grotto made from the fossilized sphagnum moss, taken from the banks of the river Dargle is so mesmerizing. The sound of water making its way down the moss-covered walls is like a dream. The sights and sounds are so meditative that mere words or poetic liberties will never do justice to the calming effect this garden has on you.

Moss Covered Wall With Trees & Crocosmia’s In Perfect Harmony
The Winding Paths
If Only I Could Paint It Red 🙂
The Pagoda With An Imaginary Tea Party In My Head 🙂
Look At All That Fascinating Moss
Ferns, Moss & Stones-Paradise
Loved The Layers of Trees & Plants

The Pepperpot Tower

Yes, it’s ALL in the name 😊 It was modelled on a pepperpot in Lord Powerscourt’s dining room. I tell you, imagination is everything and there is inspiration all around us.

The Famous Pepperpot Tower

Gosh I could spend a week in Powerscourt and come back wanting more.

To unfold 800 years of history and legacy of Powerscourt House and Gardens visit their website: https://powerscourt.com/house/history/

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  1. Shahin says:

    For few minutes I was engrossed in the beauty of lush green amazing gardens the terraces urns velvety green carpet not the last but not the least Moss n much more uniquely positioned n designed by the All powerful Almighty ….. all splendid n beautifully narrated express the narrators passion for Nature


  2. This in itself is such a lovely post. You’ve used the imagery well. One minor suggestion, please upload a short video of the place with the actual sound.

    Liked by 1 person

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