The Nigella Flower/Love-In-A-Mist

Breathtakingly beautiful! And I continue to soak the beauty….

One of the demurest annual garden flowering plant. Its name ‘Love-In-A-Mist’ does poetic justice to its beauty. Known by many names; the most common ones are Nigella Damascena and Devil-In-The-Bush. It is native to Europe and Northern Africa and its seeds are widely used as a spice. The seeds are believed to cure headaches, indigestion, toothaches and nasal congestion. I use the seeds a lot in everyday cooking. It gives an earthy flavour to the vegetables and fish stews. Absolutely love them in Indian pickles.

Nigella Damascena blooming and how!

This plant belongs to the buttercup family and blooms in early summer. The flowers come in subtle tones of cream, pink, mauve and blue. I have seen some striking bright purple ones too. I took a fancy to them last year when I saw them growing in a cottage garden in Galway. This year I got some seeds and was overjoyed by the massive success. These are going to be a regular in my garden from now on. Since they are largely pest and disease tolerant, they are low on maintenance. It’s fascinating how the gentlest and most fragile plants have so much beauty and health benefits to offer to the world.

The gentlest pink ever
I sat staring at this one for a while

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