Earthing: The umbilical chord that connects you to the universe

To be truly one with yourself and nature

Earthing or grounding is the most therapeutic way of connecting to mother Earth. Have you ever walked barefoot in the grass or on sand or simply on any surface of the earth? I walk barefoot in my lawn every morning without looking at the watch. It’s those few moments when time ceases to exist. Now you’d wonder why that happens. For me it’s the most intimate way of connecting with nature; the calming effect it has is inexplicable. It’s as if everything else is peacefully sleeping while you are traveling through a soothing dream.

I encourage you to walk barefoot once every day. I am not prescriptive; so choose any time of the day and any length of time that suits you. I promise that within a week of doing this you will experience the following benefits:

1. Better sleep (no twisting and turning in bed)

2. Better breathing (deep and meditative)

3. Better muscle health (no aches and pains)

4. Better thinking and focus (de-cluttered mind and endless possibilities)

5. Better control on your nerves (reduced stress and anxiety)

It is almost magical how your body, mind and soul feels satiated and healthy with something as simple as earthing. I believe that true wellness comes from the little things we do to feed our soul.

Try to sit on the floor with your palms facing the earth and deep breathe. Feels so much better than sinking into a jumbo sofa; doesn’t it?

I have quietly witnessed a gentle smile on my son’s face when he is floating in the water (he loves to swim). That peaceful space is his own; with no dimension of time. That’s him connecting with the earth in his favourite element; in his comfort zone. Every art work that he has done after a swim is testimony to the possibility of limitless imagination and thinking; the clarity that is gifted to him through earthing is inspiring.

Get out of those shoes and slippers; HEAL yourself 🙂

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