Double Play® Big Bang – Spirea: A kaleidoscope of joy

And then one day…God made this ❤️

I am a huge fan of Japanese Spireas and this one is no exception. The foliage is as stunning as the gentle pink blooms. It flowers from spring through summer. Deadhead the spent blooms and you’ll have a second and a third splash of pink blooms. I had been admiring these for years and finally got one for myself early this spring. It established itself effortlessly and took off. Though its deer tolerant the slugs seem to love it but then I always have a supply of crushed eggshells. Also, I planted some chives near this spirea and I’m glad these protective measures worked and no slugs have been spotted in a while. This shrub is easy to maintain; doesn’t require much pruning as it doesn’t grow unruly. It has a natural well kept shape. The leaves turn a beautiful copper after summer. It is a deciduous shrub so each year there’ll be new growth and that is a joy in itself. Seeing signs of new life every spring is so calming, reassuring and therefore therapeutic. My stunning plant arrived from Proven Winners in excellent condition. So chuffed to have my own PW plant.

This is how it started
Established in less than a week
Look how tiny and delicate the flowers are as they start out

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