God’s interpretation of dreams and tears

Ballerina? No, its a Fuchsia

Fuchsia: Native to Central and South America, these stunning plants go on to become shrubs and stand out in gardens as gorgeous flowering small trees. These make ethereal hedges when planted close to each other like most shrubs. Since there are almost 110 species of Fuchsia; they have distinct personalities too. Some even grow as tall as 50 feet, like the Kotukutuku species from New Zealand. Isn’t the name so cute? 😊

A showstopper in any garden

Depending on the species, Fuchsias can either be deciduous or evergreen. They come in shades of white, pink, purple, red, orange and a lot in between these very colors. I first saw them in Shillong, India and then all over Europe in their varied forms of beauty. Some nurseries have hybrid versions with a reversed tear drop shape of petals. However, I love them in their original form- the way God made them; like a precious ‘teardrop’.

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