Keep it simple with spuds

Roasted and kept at it’s simplest
Such a joy to grow your own food

Potatoes- understated but so wholesome. Those of you who grow their own vegetables will know how it feels to see the first harvest and what a huge sense of accomplishment it is to cook with them. I’ve tried some complex potato recipes and they have been rewarding to say the least but what my heart truly yearns for is this simple recipe I’ve seen my mother cook. Just peel the potatoes, cube them and soak in water. Heat some oil in a pan, add some cumin, nigella seeds, fenugreek seeds and let it crackle. Meanwhile throw the water and let the diced potatoes dry out a bit. Now, add a quarter tsp of turmeric, a generous amount of red chilli powder and salt to taste in the pan. Immediately add the diced potatoes and cook on medium low heat for the first five minutes and then turn the heat to low and give the potatoes a toss and turn every few minutes. You want them to crisp up a little so roast them gently. If you are tempted to add water, just put a lid on the pan and you’ll see there’s enough moisture and condensation to keep the potatoes from burning. Once the potatoes are nicely done check for seasoning and garnish with coriander leaves. You can add green chilies and a squeeze of lime as well. Goes well with roti, paratha, puri and makes an excellent filling for grilled sandwiches. It is the simple recipes that I find myself drawn to the most; maybe because they remind me of my childhood and mornings before we left for school. Such recipes were tossed in a jiffy and packed for lunch; the crispy potatoes tasted divine fresh out of the pan but were equally delicious in sandwiches during tiffin time hours later. Do give this recipe a try 😊

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  1. Earthly and delicious.


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